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RESTAURANT SCURELLE Valsugana: CRUCOLO. Where to eat along the motorbike tours?

Rifugio Crucolo was a resting point, a place where woodcutters and mountain dwellers could meet…
My ancestors offered guests what they had: polenta, salami and cheese. The refuge was already a
public house back in 1821. Rifugio Crucolo has always been home for my parents. My sister, my brother and I have all been born there. We have been serving people and working behind the counter since we were children. Our work as restaurateurs has been passed down for seven generations now.

The history of Rifugio Crucolo is lost in the mists of time, as is that of the Parampampoli liqueur. This liqueur was created by my father, Giordano, who took a chance in the fifties and served it on a hunch. Its seductive flame soon became - and still is - the blazing heart of every party, as well as a way to spend some time together. People come to Rifugio Crucolo to unwind: to eat, to drink and to be with others, to meet up. Climbing down to the cellars, enjoying the aroma of our products, discovering which salami is the longest and which cheese is the largest is just part of the game.
Quirino Purin

Our kitchen
Each of Rifugio Crucolo’s products and dishes represents the completion of a long journey that can
trace its origins back to the area’s farming culture. Minestrones and soups (with porcini mushrooms, as well as other ingredients), canederli, polenta, pork chops, grilled lucanica sausage and krauts, spare ribs, cotechino, rabbit and melted cheese are all traditional dishes, typical for the area in which the refuge is found. This bountiful menu is served alongside excellent local wines, and the whole experience is rounded off with a well-deserved cup of Parampampoli, a grappa-based digestive liqueur. This is the winning formula for a perfect, carefree evening.


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