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Beseno castle

via al Castello - Besenello - 38060

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

This castle is the largest out-of-town complex of fortifications in Trentino. It occupies the whole summit of the calcareous hill bearing the same name and overlooks the area in which the valley of the Adige river crosses the one leading to Folgaria. Even if the dimensions of this massive fortress certainly don't leave tourists cold, what makes it really incredible is the charming atmosphere created by its past.

A great number of fascinating open-air parks and gardens, surrounded by the white squared stones of the buildings, now host cultural and artistic events. Castel Beseno, together with its bulwark, Castel Pietra, were the backgrounds of famous feats of arms: the wars against Verona's inhabitants in the 12th and 13th century; the 1487 battle between Trento and Venice; the armed clashes between the French revolutionaries and the Austrians, up to the latest two World Wars. Beseno, a feared self-sufficient stronghold, always held out. Moreover, the castle is mentioned in numerous legends concerning imaginary creatures, overbearing lord-masters and besieged people in despair.

Originally the feud included three groups of buildings with towers, two of which were located on heights at the northern (towards Trento) and southern (towards the gorge of the brook Cavallo) end of the hill, while the third, standing in the middle, included the "Casa del Vescovo" (Bishop's House) and the "Palazzo Nuovo" (New Palace).

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