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Dolomiti: Latemar - Catinaccio

Cosa vedere viaggiando con la moto in Trentino? Le attrattive consigliate da Trentino in Moto per la vacanza in montagna.

Mount Catinaccio, between the Carezza pass, Alpe di Tires and Val di Fassa is a rugged, craggy crest with a number of peaks reaching an altitude of 3,000 metres: Catinaccio d’Antermoia (3,002m), Catinaccio (2,981m), Cima Scalieret (2,887m), Torri del Vajolet (2,813m) and Roda di Vael (2,806m). From the 19th century, the geology of Catinaccio has been regarded as of prime importance for the study of the Dolomite stratigraphy of the Triassic period, since its readily accessible outcrops clearly show the relationship between carbonaceous sedimentation and volcanic activity.

The Latemar chain is further south between the Fiemme and Fassa valleys in Trentino and Val d’Ega in Alto Adige. This fossil atoll features a large number of peaks: Croda di Lausa (2,876m), Campanili del Latemar (2,842 m), Schenon (2,791m), Cima di Val Bona (2,822 m), Molignon (2,820m) and Corno d’Ega 2,799m. The scenic northern edge of the massif features the limpid waters of Lake Carezza reflecting the Campanili del Latemar peaks.

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