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Mototurismo in Trentino
Official Map

Associazione Trentino in Moto Official Map

The new Map, available at the bottom of this page for viewing and downloading, will help you choosing the best destination for your next vacation on your motorbike in Trentino, by offering you all the information you need: a detailed map of Trentino; the best motorbike tours with breathtaking views from the Dolomites to Lake Garda; a catalogue of the accommodations Trentino in Moto with contact information, photos and services; machine shops; the main tourist attractions; a photographic archive that will leave you breathless.

The best Motorbike-Tours and the most fascinating Routes for Convertibles in Trentino the land defined by the Dolomites on the North and by Lake Garda on the South.

Trentino offers everything you need to make your travel by motorbike truly unforgettable. Here there is an abundance of narrow and steep mountain passes with breathtaking views, charming places, picturesque streets along the idyllic mountain lakes.

Between Lake Garda and the Dolomites (the pink mountains) lie a lot of alternative, less known, but parallel tracks, specially when compared to the more traditional routes. The city of Trento with its wonderful old town has a lot to offer.

Along with a superb traditional cuisine, the geography of Trentino will make your holiday with a motorbike around here an unforgettable experience.

You will find for free the paper version of our Tour map only in one of our partners and in the Tourist Offices of Trentino.

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Don't forget that you will find for free the paper version of our Tour map only in one of our partners.

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