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Polenterchef in Val Rendena
from 18/06/2021 until 24/09/2021
Val Rendena

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Polenterchef in Val Rendena

Experience for people who want to learn all the secrets to make a perfect polenta, together with the expert "trisatori" of the valley.

Our territory has always been devoted to polenta: Val Rendena is also called "Val de la trisa", which refers to the typical wooden utensil used to stir it, while in Valle del Chiese we find the natural gold essential for cooking real mountain polenta, the yellow flour of Storo, grown by small farmers united in the Agri90 cooperative.

Take part in Polenterchef to discover all the secrets from the expert "trisatori" of the valley to make a perfect polenta!

Since flour is the main ingredient, the experience begins with grinding wheat with an expert. Then, assisted by skilled polenters, the fire is lit and the equipment and pot are prepared and then... the polenta is cooked! It will taste even better after having made it with your own hands!

Paired with local products it will be a real treat!

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