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Safe holidays in Trentino

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Travel is permitted at any time and for any reason, without the need to provide justification, throughout Italy.

Starting on 1 June it will no longer be necessary for visitors arriving from other countries to have either a Covid-19 Green Certificate (Italian “Basic Green Pass") or a Passenger Locator Form.

The Covid-19 Green Certificate will no longer be required to access the activities for which it was previously needed.

Until 15 June 2022, FFP2 face masks are required only for public transport and to access cinemas, theatres, concert halls and live clubs, as well as for sports events and competitions that take place indoors.

For further details, you can learn more in the collapsible sections below about the current provisions regarding who can come to Trentino and how, catering and restaurants, accommodation, public transportation, and how to enjoy all the leisure activities on offer in Trentino.
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<div><strong>Information for Holidaying Safely in Trentino</strong></div>
<em>Latest update: June 4th, 2020</em>
<strong>Can I book a holiday in Trentino this summer?</strong>
Of course! Hotels, lodgings and restaurants are already reopening!
Our operators and all tourist service providers in Trentino are preparing — together with the provincial body and institutions for Healthcare Services — to resume their activities, while guaranteeing the complete safety and health of guests and workers.
As we wait for travel to resume, which is scheduled for 3 June, various protocols are being drawn up and put in place in relation to the many activities that can be enjoyed in Trentino. More information is available on through our channels.
<strong>What services are currently open in Trentino?</strong>
Lots of businesses have reopened in Trentino!
In Trentino, hotels and other facilities — are up and running, as are lodges, bars and restaurants, food shops, retail and wholesale businesses, local markets, hairdressers and beauty salons, as well as gyms and swimming pools.  Museums will also reopen by 3 June, and are currently reorganising their services based on the health-related and legislative provisions and recommendations contained in the protocols for the sector.
To guarantee that everyone can comfortably enjoy these services, and as a general rule, we remind you that it is still necessary to keep a minimum distance of at least 1 metre between people whenever possible, and to wear a mask whenever this distance cannot be guaranteed.
When it is not possible to maintain this minimum distance — e.g. during beauty treatments — or where a mask cannot be worn — such as at restaurants — business owners are under instruction to adopt additional measures to guarantee your safety while providing their services.
In all of the situations described above, in order to avoid gatherings when entering the venue, people must wait their turn while respecting the minimum safe distances. Businesses which deem it necessary may put a system of reservations in place to guarantee the best conditions for providing their service. In any case, every business will display signs describing the safety measures which must be observed.
<strong>Are exercise and sports allowed?</strong>
Yes. Exercise and sports, including water-based activities, are allowed, provided that they are individual in nature: e.g. walking, running, cycling throughout the entire region, including using the full network of cycle routes and using both public and private transit. A safe distance of at least 1 metre from other people must be maintained when engaging in all activities, and a mask must be used whenever there are many people nearby and this safe distance cannot be observed. In the case of sporting activities (including, as examples, running, cycling, hunting, fishing, and the pursuit of any other amateur sport on an individual basis), a distance of at least 2 metres must be observed.
A number of individual outdoor sports — e.g. golf, archery, shooting, athletics, horse-riding, sailing, canoeing, individual water sports, MTB, motor sports, motorcycling, climbing and racing — can also be enjoyed at sports centres and areas which guarantee open-air spaces and which do not entail the use of common areas, apart from the toilets.
There are procedures which allow organised outdoors experiences with guides, or those which involve the participation of numerous people and hired materials (such as guided outings, climbing, rafting, canoeing and visiting the Acropark, as a few examples), to be enjoyed in complete safety, in accordance with specific protocols. It is advisable to contact the groups or structures organising these activities in advance in order to better manage special needs and requests.
<strong>Are bars and restaurants open?</strong>
Yes: bars, restaurants, ice-cream parlours, pizzerias, pastry shops, and mountain lodges have all received guidelines to allow them to reopen in complete safety. For this reason, the capacity of such venues may have been revised.
To guarantee the safety of all the above services, a minimum distance of at least 1 metre must be maintained between customers and between customers and staff, both at tables and at the counter, or physical barriers must be used for protection. It is mandatory to wear a mask in the common areas, and sanitising gel must be available to customers at multiple locations within the venue.
Some businesses may make reservations mandatory in order to better organise their services, so it is wise to contact them in advance to book your table.
In any case, businesses may continue to offer a delivery and/or take-away service using disposable containers. It is recommended that orders for take-away be placed online or by telephone, with the exception of street vending and products for immediate consumption, such as beverages, coffee, ice-cream, snacks and small baked goods. Products purchased are strictly for consumption at home, apart from items intended for immediate consumption, which may also be eaten in public areas, provided that this does not give rise to any gatherings and the necessary distances are maintained. The single-use packaging must then be correctly separated by type and disposed of. These services may also be open on Sundays and holidays.
<strong>Is public transport operating normally?</strong>
The provincial transit network within and outside towns and the railways are operating, though with a smaller capacity than before. Reduced numbers of spaces are available on the various means of transport in order to guarantee safe distances between travellers, and masks must be worn on board. Transport services will be running on a regular schedule on both working days and holidays, providing the service within and outside town. Evening services have been reduced within town. Railway services on the provincial networks connecting Valsugana, the Val di Non and the Val di Sole have also been reinstated. Tickets can no longer be purchased on board, but you can use the pay-as-you-go card or the super-handy apps. Further information is available on the<a href="https://www.trentinotrasporti.it/"> Trentino Trasporti </a>website.
<strong>Are the borders open?</strong>
Throughout the country, travel is only permitted within regional borders. As of today, it is no longer necessary to self-certify these movements. Movements are permitted between Veneto and Trentino to see family members living in neighbouring provinces (Belluno, Vicenza, Verona).
Currently, travellers can only enter Italy for professional or healthcare reasons or for other essential needs. Self-certification is mandatory.
As of 3 June, the free movement of people is expected to resume, including across Italian borders and without any obligation to observe a period of self-imposed quarantine.
<strong>What should I do if I think I've contracted the virus while I'm in Trentino?</strong>
If you are in Trentino and you have symptoms or suspect that you have been infected, please do not go to a hospital or healthcare facility, but contact the multilingual toll-free number 800867388 immediately. This number is available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Only call 112 in cases of emergency.
<strong>How can I stay up to date on developments in the Coronavirus crisis in Trentino?</strong>
You can follow this page, which will be updated with the most useful information for those who want to spend their holidays in Trentino, or check the <a href="https://www.ufficiostampa.provincia.tn.it/CORONAVIRUS-Aggiornamenti-e-comunicazioni">website of the Autonomous Province of Trento</a>. Another useful tool is<a href="https://elevate.deltainformatica.eu/covid/?fbclid=IwAR0FTapC0FkHVZNouRPShwCHj9dC1e2HII04Rww2ntbBl7s6XCUPnIUmvy0"> this search engine</a>, which provides simple answers on what you can and cannot do based on key words.
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