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Kaiserjägerweg e Altopiano di Vezzena

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

From Lake Levico and Lake Caldonazzo originates the scenic route of the Kaiserjägerweg. With a length of 12 km and a difference in height of 1.000m, it offers a breathtaking view of the valley. You can reach the Plateau of Vezzena, the largest in Trentino, which is characterized by a green grazing land dotted with typical alpine huts and Austro-Hungarian fortifications. Alpine huts are partly used during the summer as a cattle shelter and for the production of the Vezzena cheese, one of the oldest and most sought-after of the dairy tradition of Trentino. Some of them also participate in the project “adopts a cow" that allows you to bring back home local dairy products if you go visiting the cow during the period of the mountain pasture.

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