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Lake Tenno

Tenno - 38060

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

It is a tourist area with a view of Lake Garda. The panoramic view is enhanced by the clear and bright air typical of this part of the region. Tenno and the other hamlets (Gavazzo, Cologna, Ville del Monte, Sant'Antonio, Canale, Calvola, Pranzo) have environments and human settlements, houses and towns which maintain its original appearance and medieval atmosphere.

There are historical-cultural sites such as the beautiful frescoed church of S. Lorenzo, the small village of Frapporta surrounded by walls, the medieval church of Canale and the San Martino archaeological site. Tenno enjoys a special climate, a blend of Lake Garda air and the alpine hinterland. The northern border of this area offers new changes of color to the environment: the romantic glacial lake of Tenno with its small green island in the mid of a thick coniferous wood reflecting on the clear lake waters with emerald colors.

The Tenno Castle (12th century) stands on a rock as if in a strategic position observing as far as the horizon, to protect and defend its precious environmental and historical-cultural treasure.

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