Our best biker-friendly accommodations for YOUR motorcycle holiday

Discover Trentino...

and ride safely!

Dear motorcyclist!
Welcome to Trentino, where you will discover an enchanting land of mountains and lakes, with picturesque and breathtaking views and landscapes, that offers thousands of opportunities for relaxation, sport activities and of course many exciting itineraries for motorcycling. Our roads are always well maintained and clear of gravel, even during winter time. So that you can enjoy your ride always remembering to check though the stability of your vehicle.

BE CAREFUL!!! A motorcycle is like a loaded weapon. It must be ridden properly and with great caution and respect, especially considering the performances of today’s vehicles.

Here is some useful advice for safe riding, because true freedom is knowing that you will reach your destination safely, full of unforgettable memories to be shared with the ones you love.

  • Do not drink and drive
  • Observe traffic rules
  • Maintain a speed level that will always allow you to promptly react, in case dangerous situations were to occur
  • Always keep your helmet fastened
  • Always keep your lights on, even during daytime
  • Wear proper safety gear (jackets, back-protectors, motorcycle pants and boots)
  • Pay attention to what others are doing on the road, never underestimate a move and always remember that an unexpected manoeuvring might occur anytime, anywhere
  • Ensure that you are aware of your limits and familiar with your vehicle
  • Always reduce your speed in the proximity of town and village centres
  • Respect the environment

Enjoy your drive and your holiday in Trentino!

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