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Passi Rolle, Cereda, Valles

San Martino di Castrozza

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.


Is the most spectacular mountain passes of the Dolomites.
Its altitude, natural environment and top-notch skiing facilities ensure that Passo Rolle is one of the most popular skiing destinations, also because of its excellent links with the major skiing resorts in the area, such as San Martino di Castrozza, just 9 km away.
Set in incomparable surroundings overlooked by the the Cimon della Pala and Cima Vezzana peaks, Passo Rolle straddles the mountain pass in a unique position. Thanks to its amenities, it has become the ideal base for discovering some of the most unforgettable corners of the entire Alpine chain.


An alpine passage of Trentino situated at 1.369 meters above the sea level of altitude and crossed by the road that links the valley of Primiero to the valley of Mis, and the municipality of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza (inside which there is the way) and the municipality of Sagron Mis. During the wintry season, it is possible to practise the cross-country skis and the alpine ski, while in the summer it can be the point of departure or arrival for excursions in the mountain.


The alpine passage of Dolomites is situated at 2.032 meters of altitude, at the border line between Veneto and Trentino. It links the valleys of Biois and Travignolo, at the border line among the municipalities of Falcade in the east versant and Primiero San Martino di Castrozza in the west versant. Passo Valles is the seat of tourist and sheep-breeding activities, ski structers and is ideal for excursions in the mountain. This way has also been braved in the Giro d' Italia.

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