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Sanctuary of S. Romedio

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

The Sanctuary of San Romedio, an enchanted place full of spirituality in Sanzeno: unmissbale for all the Motorbike Tourists in Trentino! The Sanctuary of San Romedio, an enchanted place full of spirituality. The halo of sacredness and mystery surrounding the figure of San Romedio, the architectonic conformation of the entire structure and its particular location help to endow this sanctuary with charm and spirituality.

Standing on a calcareous rock more than 70 meters high, three kilometres away from San Zeno, it is surrounded by an evocative natural landscape. It consists of several churches and chapels, that comply with the rock’s shapes and are all connected by a steep stair featuring 131 steps. The Sanctuary of Saint Romedio, a saint which is commemorated on January 15th, is currently under the care of San Zeno Parish. The buildings forming the Sanctuary date back to different ages. The oldest body, erected around Saint Romedio’s grave, harks back to the year 1000.

Over the centuries, the other three small churches, two chapels and seven Passion aediculae were added to truly guard the sanctuary’s sacredness and charm. Faith in the Saint is deeply felt in the valley, as proven by the pilgrim votives along the stairs leading to the grave. The Legend has it, hermit Romedio, when travelling to Trento, used to ride a bear that he had miraculously managed to tame.

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