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Santo Lake and Roccolo del Sauch

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

Motorcycling along hairpin bends through woods and terraced vineyards that stretch uphill, motorcyclists can take in the unique landscape of the Valle di Cembra. From the municipality of Cembra the road starts to rise, one bend after another, towards the Santo Lake at an altitude of 1,200 metres, an ideal place for having a break.

Before reaching the lake, a short detour on foot will take you to the Roccolo del Sauch: a natural construction of interwoven and pruned beech and pine trees. It is a very ancient system for catching birds, but bird catching has been forbidden since 1968 and it is now an observatory and used as a teaching centre for environmental issues.

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