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Rio Caino Ethnographic Path

Valle del Chiese - Cimego

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

The Rio Caino Ethnographic Path near the town of Cimego is an open-air museum of popular traditions in Valle del Chiese. Artefacts connected to traditional trades - such as a forge used to work iron as well as an old mill - can be admired on an easy four-hour walk.

This enchanted, fairytale world, also includes the Orto della Strega, the Witch's Garden, a place where history, science and magic become one. As the legend goes, Brigida, who is one of the most renowned witches and medical herb experts of Valle del Chiese, lived in the area around 1470, before she was burned alive by the Inquisition.

The path then takes visitors to see the Great War trenches - a living reminder of the Italian Front. Furthermore, the lime-house, the charcoal pit, the bird trap and the old Caino Alpine farm-house - which can be seen at the top of the path - have also been refurbished.

A small, yet striking river park is located on Rio Caino stream. Here, before or after taking a walk on the Path, guests can experience the landscape's beauty through one of its numerous rest areas - all equipped with benches, tables and games for kids. The path is also a perfect setting for relaxing and family-friendly walks.

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