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Giro dei 4 Passi

What to see in Trentino? The attractions suggested by Trentino in Moto for the holiday in the mountain.

The itinerary of the 4 Ways is surely one of the most exciting of all the Alps, it links Trentino to Veneto and can be run by motorcycle or by skis during winter.

From the pass the Boè group is easily accessible thanks to a super state-of-the-art cable-way, which in a few minutes reaches the the peak of Sass Pordoi (2,950 meters). And from there one can enjoy a 360° view over the entire Alpine area, as well as challenge the demanding downhill slope of the fork bearing its name, or run down inaccessible Val Lasties (due to the peculiar features of these tracks, they are to be skied exclusively in ideal snow conditions). Furthermore, Pordoi allows easy access to the slopes of the Belvedere ski area and to those of Arabba. With the Sellaronda tour you can spend a full day without ever taking your skis off.

Located on a grassy saddle that separates the Sassolungo from the Sella Group, Sella Pass links Val di Fassa to Val Gardena along 12 km main road no. 242, connecting the mountain pass to Canazei. One of the most famous passes of the Dolomites, it is overlooked by the majestic Sella Towers and by the Mesules barrier. Unforgettable is the view over the Sassolungo group, at an altitude of 3,181 metres. The Sella Pass area in winter is ideal for fantastic skiing of every level and difficulty.

Alpine passage of Dolomites situated at 2.121 of altitude between the val Gardena and the val Badia, between the group of Sella at south and the group of Cir at north. The way links Selva di Val Gardena to the fraction of Colfosco in the municipality of Corvara in Badia.
The ski lifts and the ski tracks are numerous in both the sides; among these there are the famous tracks Dantercepies and Cir that arrive until Selva after leaving from the Way. All the structures make part of the ski carousel known like Dolomites' Superski.

Campolongo Pass, situated at the border between Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige, is a mountain pass that connects Cordevole Valley to Val Badia and, precisely, Livinallongo del Col di Lana (Belluno) with Corvara in Badia.
Taking part of one of the most important and well-known skitour of the Dolomites, Campolongo Pass is an appreciated and popular destination for the lovers of skiing, trekking and bikers.

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